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Two-step verification

Two-step verification (2SV) is an additional verification step that makes your sign-in experience more secure. When you turn on 2SV, in addition to your username and password, you’re prompted to enter a unique one-time passcode (OTP) every time you want to sign in to your Affinity account.

We strongly recommend enabling 2SV to improve your account security as it reduces the risk of having the personal information in your Affinity account stolen by someone else. Here’s some information on how to get started and manage this feature.

Verification methods

We currently provide two methods to obtain an OTP:

Authenticator app (recommended): This method uses an app-based authentication code. You’ll need a compatible authenticator app, such as Authy, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Duo. You might already be using a password manager that has this functionality built-in.

Email: This will send a verification code to the email address currently associated with your account. Please bear in mind that this option isn’t as secure as an authenticator app (if somebody has access to your email account, they’ll be able to access your details).

Adding two-step verification to your account

  1. Sign in to your account and go to Account details > Account security. If you can't sign in, reset your password.
  2. Confirm your password and follow the on-screen steps for setup.


Make sure to save the backup codes in a safe place as you can only see them once and will not be able to access these codes again from your account. Never give your verification or backup codes to anyone.

Turning off two-step verification

You can disable two-step verification at any time.

  1. Sign in to your account and go to Account details.
  2. Under Account security, select ‘Disable’ and follow the on-screen steps.

Switching verification method

Follow the steps to disable the 2SV as outlined above and then enable it again using your preferred method.

Signing in with backup codes

If you have two-step verification enabled via an authenticator app but cannot access the mobile device associated with your account, you can use your previously saved backup codes.


Each code can only be used once.

If you lose or run out of your recovery codes, you will have to disable and enable the 2SV again on your account to generate new ones. Any previously created recovery codes will be deactivated when you create new codes.

Recovering your account

If you lose access to your 2SV authenticator method and do not have access to your backup codes, you will need to contact customer services. They will ask you a series of questions about your account to verify it is you.

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